Friday, December 19, 2008

Unit 4

Learn 80 percent vocabulary of the Qur'an

Download MP3 of examples with translations for the following wordlist

Word Transliteration Meaning
صَبَرَ sabara he was patient
ظَلَمَ zalama he wronged
عَرَفَ ‘arafa he recognized
غَفَرَ ghafara he forgave
قَدَرَ qadara he restricted
كَذَبَ kadhaba he lied
كَسَبَ kasaba he earned
سَمِعَ sami‘a he heard
حَسِبَ hasiba he thought
حَفِظَ hafiza he guarded
خَسِرَ khasira he lost
رَحِمَ rahima he had mercy on someone

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