Monday, July 26, 2010

Unit 15

Learn 80 percent vocabulary of the Qur'an

Download MP3 of examples with translations for the following wordlist

Word Transliteration Meaning
أَلْقَى al´qaa he threw
اِسْتَغْفَرَ is´tagh´fara he sought forgiveness
اِخْتَلَفَ ikh´talafa he differed
اِتَّبَعَ it-taba‘a he followed
اِتَّخَذَ it-takhadha he took/he adopted
اِتَّقَى it-taqaa he feared
اِفْتَرَى if´taraa he fabricated a lie
اِهْتَدَى ih´tadaa he followed the right path
اِبْتَغَى ib´taghaa he sought
اِنْقَلَبَ in´qalaba he turned
اِنْتَهَى in´tahaa he refrained
تَوَلَّى tawal-laa he followed

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