Saturday, April 18, 2009

Unit 10

Learn 80 percent vocabulary of the Qur'an

Download MP3 of examples with translations for the following wordlist

Word Transliteration Meaning
صَدَّقَ sad-daqa he confirmed/he proved true
عَذَّبَ ‘adh-dhaba he punished
عَلَّمَ ‘al-lama he taught
قَدَّمَ qad-dama he sent forward
كَذَّبَ kadh-dhaba he denied/he belied
نَبَّأَ nab-ba’a he informed/he declared
نَزَّلَ naz-zala he sent down
نَجَّى naj-jaa he saved/he rescued
وَلَّى wal-laa he turned away
جَاهَدَ jaahada he strove
قَاتَلَ qaatala he fought
نَادَى naadaa he called

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