Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Unit 9

Learn 80 percent vocabulary of the Qur'an

Download MP3 of examples with translations for the following wordlist

Word Transliteration Meaning
أَمَرَ amara he commanded
أَمِنَ amina he trusted
أَبَى abaa he refused
أَتَى ataa he came
رَأَى ra’aa he saw
شَاءَ shaa’a he willed
سَاءَ saa’a it was evil
جَاءَ jaa’a he came
بَدَّلَ bad-dala he changed
زَيَّنَ zay-yana he beautified/he adorned
سَبَّحَ sab-baha he glorified
سَخَّرَ sakh-khara he brought under control

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